Poison Garden Drawings

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Drawing in the garden

June 2012

It's the colour of the sea

the pacific

on a sunny winter day

The blue: powdery, reflecting from some fat white clouds

The blue ink and the gold of your skin copulates into a
marvellous green

like the ferns of your heart

in a shiny distance

the lives of your loves

It is overwhelmingly beautiful

the strength of your arms

The strength of your heart:

Red and beating passionately in rhythm with the blue of your

Purple in the deepest of the deep

The dark chocolate of your eyes melt me

I am drowning in a river of delight

when you say my girl name

[and then] I miss my baby brother

and my Africa skies

the orangey-pink around just before sunset

on a spring afternoon

safe in the arms of my once husband

when the windstorm went to sleep

and then I miss my dad

sure and strong and strict in his ways

the skies look down on us and smile

All we see is the twinkle in their eyes on a cloudless night

while drinking chilly chocolate in small cups

in the safe garden in my head


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