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(CODE (S0001)
Ceramic figure
Approx. 20cm x 15cm x 7cm
PRICE: $80.00

my soul
travelling to peaceful places
Blue seas
sun-tanned sands
apricot peach

strawberryblood body
a piece of functional sculpture
whatever I must

love longing
the umbilical cord was cut

(Code FS0007)
approx: - 150cm High
Iron & ceramic
Approx:1.5m x 60cm x 12cm

Holding 7 candles(children) decorated with gold and copper (ceramic balls) carrying the husband as a child (in the belly of the figure of the mother)


All the functional sculpture represents and symbolise the mother figure through time; always lighted and carrying much on her shoulders. The rest of her figure (or being) might be beautiful or not, the function is to stand tall whatever.

(Code FS0001)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0002)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0003)
approx: - 65cm High
12 500 years ago the only light at night was the stars, the moon and beeswax candles of different sorts. These functional installations I made for me and my fellow Egyptian women and Goddesses, to decorate our homes, tents, gardens and palaces.

(Code FS0004)
approx: - 65cm High

(Code FS0005)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0006)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0008)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0009)
approx: - 75cm High

(Code FS0010)
approx: - 50cm High

(Code FS0011)
approx: - 120cm High

(Code FS0012)
approx: - 180cm High

(Code FS0013)
approx: - 180cm High