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It is the end of 2013 and so much has happened since my last statement in 2000.  My daughter is no longer 12 year old but 25. She is still at university and makes me so proud. She just completed her degree in the College Of Human Science.  She is busy with her BA Degree in Psychological Counselling at UNISA while she works a six day a week as a manager at a beauty spa and has time for her clothing range “CatT Clothing”. She is beautiful and happy. My son now sixteen makes me just as proud but I am not allowed to say more about him!

I am also older and maybe not wiser but happier. I lost my husband and my children’s father more than 10 years ago. With that loss, part of myself and part of them. I moved house a couple of times and end of 2011, I moved to a new country! I do not mind if people do or do not understand me; as long as I understand.  I understand and respect.  God is still my life partner and I try to do well and be good.
My art is more in my head now.  Like my talks with God my creations are not public.  My achievements are little but huge in the cosmos.  I still work physically hard in my studio which is now my partner’s big boatshed.  Boats, wood and wood dust do not work perfectly well with welding and oil paint and I still do not have three phase power for my kilns but the harmony in the boatshed sees creations with seashells, ancient kauri,  found objects like old boat parts or furniture become alive for a second time. 

Second Time Around, Studio 3 and CatT Clothing came together in a Caravan Shop that travels the Far North of New Zealand most weekends. 
In this Gypsey-like caravan I sell garden jewellery, face jewellery, wall jewellery, and silver jewellery, tie dye clothing, ancient lamps, incense, art, flowers when I have blooming in our garden, little bits of wisdom are free and I listen and I understand. 
My Dad is still my hero and also an angel now, my mom my greatest fan.  My children my wisdom and my university.  My partner my lover and my best friend. I am so happy.



I was born in Africa. I spend my childhood happily on a farm where I grew to love nature and its creatures. Like most privileged children I attended school in town, enjoyed ballet, horseback riding, and many other good things. I was always a dreamer and a loner. I love to write poetry and walk alone in rainstorms, I also like to think in sandstorms. My family is of utmost importance to me.

I matriculated in 1983 and studied fine art for two years at the Pretoria Technicon. I did a series of diplomas and certificates at various colleges. In 1988, I returned to the place of my birth where I still live and work today.

Here I worked for 10 years as Manager of a Stud cattle farm, during that time I painted many of my Egyptian Women and did some sculpture and pottery. I studied a little, got married twice, divorced once and happily received two children, aged 12 and 3. They are my link to modern life.

For the last 3 years I worked on an exhibition, I also write and study at UNISA.

My work is personal; I am every one of my paintings. My work about the women of Ancient times is about women now; it is about good and bad souls reincarnating again and again.

Women from Ancient times had the same emotional, social and personal issues as women now. Women in all cultures and social ranks, have the same experiences, they all love, hate, give birth, cry, they are degraded by events, they have lovers, some have husbands, they sort out problems with children, they feed, they make something out of nothing, they win, they loose, they die. They are born again.

I see her not as the lovely tool for man and society to use, but women to me are the backbone of everything. They are huge in the cosmos. Their souls are ancient. Their life is the embodiment of throne, motherhood, magic, healing and protection.

My style of drawing and composition was very much influenced by my first figure-drawing teacher in 1984. Also by Picasso's cubist figures (Les Demoiselles d' Avignon 1907), and the personal expressions of Matisse (Le Luxe 1907).

Later I related more to the action painters (Willem De Kooning 1950) because I became more relaxed with the paint itself and I loved the feeling of paint on my hands and the stunning results with colour. At that time (1988-1997), I was working with a group of expressionists.

However, much changed in my life. I grew up again and my personal view of life changed. I started seeing life from a different angle; there was more meaning. I was now a student of life. I studied myself intensely; I found my soul intangible. I rediscovered Leonardo DaVinci (Mona Lisa 1503). His work as inventor and scientist is genius so is his art. Leonardo insisted that all his scientific investigations were merely aimed at making himself a better painter. His scientific drawings are themselves works of art. He is a big inspiration to me to be more realistic and optimistic.

Nature, History, Archaeology, God, Rainstorms, Long walks in the rain, The poetical works of Lord Byron, Windstorms, my children Tina and Petrus, Ancient Egypt, Reincarnation and lost love, my Father, my Mother, my Husband, my siblings and all the other old souls I know.

Oil on canvas
Acrylics on canvas
Pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylics on paper
Clay & Iron

To be able to spend more time working in my studios

Like the total work of art in the CHAPEL OF THE ROSARY AT VENCE, where every item from the chasubles to the stained glass were designed by Matisse alone - I also want to design and manufacture artworks inseparable and ageless.

I am a Christian. I love my God and my Church with all my heart.

I believe that God is Universal, and love all. I respect other religions, and believe that we only spell His Name different. I believe that the different Books were written for people of different cultures and environments, and that the writers of that times had their own personal issues to cover, also, many years have past between publications and even languages changed.

I see myself equal to any other person regardless of sex, race, age or religion.

I believe that I will be reincarnated again, with those I love, until time is complete and my soul pure enough to be with God in heaven and with those I love.

To see precious time wasted.
To see old people suffer.
To see children suffer.
Any forms of discrimination.